Chilean -- 14, who set off on a journey of becoming the best Dragon Gatherer -- goes to the elders to pick his first and ever Battle Dragon. However, before obtaining his first battle dragon, he was instructed to form a team first. His task is to find 3 companions to go with him for the whole journey. Since the elders can't determine Chilean's ability yet, they asked him to fins three DragonValers who possess any of these characteristics: strong, smart, and charismatic.

As soon as he heard about the word "strong," Jacob immidiately came to his mind. Jacob, 14, is Chilean's childhood friend. He knew he could convince Jacob to come with him. Chilean told Jacob the situation and it was an easy "yes!' from him.

"Smart" seems to be a little difficult for Chilean to find, since he was home-schooled and he doesnt really know anyone, atleast, smarter than him. As he stood infront of the Dragon's Inn, he saw Lucas, a 15-year old boy who is gaining momentum upon answering Mr.Creeper's 100 Hardest DragonVale Questions. Until now Chilean couldnt figure how, but the second Chilean asked Lucas about the recruitment, he gladly said yes.

As they were heading back to Jacob's place, they noticed alot of DragonValers screaming anf shouting just around the corner of the Fountain of Youth Station. As they drew closer, they saw a beautiful gil named Elise. Elise, 14, is a local artist, aspiring to become the best DragonVale actress. She was doing a photo shoot aroung the Vernal Fountain. Chilean told Elise about his quest and asked for her help. She was not really excited about the journey, but said yes anyway.

With the four of them all packed and ready, they all went to the elders' Den to pick Chilean's first battle dragon. Chilean was to choose between a Copper, MAgnetic, or Forge battle dragon --and he picked--The Magnetic Dragon! Elise found the magnetic dragon to be cute; however, she named it Voltaire! which sounded striking, rather than cute.

After the got the Seal of Approval from Elder Croc, they now have the validity to travel from places to places. Their first destination is the Valley of Ashes