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DragonVale- The Gathering is about Battling with Dragons, Solving Quests, and Gathering the most important items of the story-- The DV-Magic Cards.


Plant dragon
This is a blog-like wiki. The characters will be referenced from alot of animation shows, so if ever you see a familiar character, YOU ARE RIGHT! I got it from there!

The Dragons-- The dragons that will be used from the whole story are all referenced from the popular apple game, DragonVale! Hence the name, DragonVale - The Gathering.

The DV- Magic Cards-- Not there cards are the main plot of the story. These are used to battle, solve quests, and lots of other things. These are the most important items for the whole progress of the story.

  • These DV-Magic Cards are made (with his permission of usage) by a friend of mine from DragonVale wiki named:
                                        Sir Machius!
  • It is all thanks to him that this story can continue as to how I'm imagining it will go
    • The DV-Magic Cards' design is referenced from another popular apple game, namely, Magic- The Gathering. NOW: I think you know where I got the wikia title for is then?

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